The Vision

RISE is one solution to bridging the skills gap in the insurance industry and re-branding our image. Our vision is to create a springboard for rising professionals that are tagged for the executive management track while providing a knowledge transfer strategy to their employers. We achieve this through our 5-Point Star Program: Recognition, Education, Engagement, Leadership, and Collaboration.

Our Story

At almost every conference or event in the last couple years, Chief Claim Officers and CEOs have been talking about the talent gap and the need to attract and retain good talent in the insurance industry. For a while we've known that Baby-Boomers are retiring at an increasing number and Generation X is not large enough to fill all the positions, and the next generation of Millennials are not skilled enough (yet) to fill the gap being left behind. Companies need a knowledge transfer strategy.

Most young or new employees, even at management level, do not get the opportunity to attend conferences and interact with professionals outside their company who have already proven themselves. Many executives have shared concern about the next generation's ability to think and act professionally. Very few organizations have young professional groups, and the few that exist don't have an industry-wide presence.  If you were lucky enough to know in college you would be working in insurance, you may have those groups available, but what about the rest of us who are here "by accident"?

Hence, R.I.S.E. was born.

Involvement in industry events and seeing first hand the career path that insurance offers creates engagement. That's why we're gathering the brightest rising stars and collaborating with existing organizations to funnel new talent into the industry, educate, connect with, and recognize them.

Advisory Board

To be successful, any good idea must be backed by excellent people.
Our Advisory Board is comprised of industry executives who share a passion for diversity and the future success of the insurance industry.

Kevin Hillyard

Claims VP

Nationwide Insurance Company

Bob Weise

Manager-Guest Claims

The Disneyland Resort

Peter Vogt

Former SVP World Wide Claims


Matt McColley

VP, Chief Claims Officer

Riverport Insurance Company

Dan Moore

SVP - Claims and Transformation

QBE North America

Rich Dowd

Regional Claims Vice President

Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc.

Ken Kerby

Manager, Claims Operations

The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

Margaret Sherlock

Vice President, Regional Director, Staff Counsel

Selective Insurance Company

Hedy Linette Ranieri

VP & Chief Claims Officer

Berkley Life Sciences

Corey Graham

Vice President of Casualty Claims

MMG Insurance

Get Involved

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Antitrust Statement

As members of Rising Insurance Star Executives (RISE) or as participants in our meetings and events, we need to be mindful of the constraints of the antitrust laws. There shall be no discussions of agreements or concerted actions that may restrain competition. This prohibition includes any competitive aspect of an individual company's operation. Each member or participant is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside the legal bounds.