The Insurance industry's guide for the best places to intern


The RISE Elite 50 Internships is an annual program that identifies and publishes a list of the 50 best internship programs in the Insurance industry across the USA. The program is comprised of a publication (both digital and hard copy), a dedicated interactive section of the RISE website, and a virtual award presentation.

Nominations for the list can be submitted by the company or the participating interns as they answer a series of questions about the program. Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged. There is NO fee to submit a nomination. The submissions will be scored according to the 10 categories. The list of 50 companies will be published alphabetically.

Validation: Steering committee will validate all submissions for accurate identification.

Reach: Through our strategic partnerships, The RISE Elite 50 publication will be available to more than 100 universities and colleges. For more information email

Intern Nomination:

To have your experience considered for the RISE Elite 50 Top Internship Programs list, please fill out the below application as fully and accurately as possible. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. RISE may reach out to you or your company for verification purposes. If you are a company who is submitting an internship program, click here to fill out the company self submission instead.

2021 Elite 50 Intern Nomination Form
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1. Were you paid for this internship? *
1a. (Optional) How satisfied are you with the pay?
2. Were there full time job opportunities at the end of the internship *
2b. (Optional) Would you work for this company if offered a job?
3. Mentoring/Training (Select all that apply) *
3a. (If applicable) Do you plan to keep in touch with your mentor?
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5. Rotational Opportunities *
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6b. (Optional) Did you feel like the work you did during your internship was meaningful?
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8. Diversity (select all that apply) *
8a. (Optional) Did you feel like the organization was a good fit for you, culturally?
8b. (Optional) How satisfied are you with how the company has done in regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
9. Technology *
10. Innovation *
How would you rate your internship experience *
Do you plan on participating in another internship program? *
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