Risk is everywhere.

There is not a moment that goes by in our lives where we do not encounter something created from, shaped by, or developed for risk. 

In 2020, understanding the topic of risk has taken on a whole new dimension with events that can only be explained by some cosmic throw of dice- that we are neither witnesses of or understanding of- in our current mortal coil.  Despite this lack of knowledge of our fate and the sudden swiftness which 2020 has brought events down on us, we are not without the tools to help shape our minds and fortify our spirits against future risks. 

This group's goal is not to shape you into a risk seeker (or avoiding risk altogether) but to stock your mental toolbox with the tools that build a resilient nature in the face of uncertain change and times.

Lastly, the ideas expressed here should be taken as "thought experiments" and not as some sort of gospel about insurance, risk, politics, or anything else.  This forum is to provoke deep learning, self-reflection, and professional competence on the topics presented.  Both you and the issues discussed deserve nothing less.  

You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety – Abraham Maslow

Book for January-

In the beginning…

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Riskby Peter L. Bernstein

AGAINST THE GODS appeared in the "Washington Is Also Reading..." section of The Washington Post Book World. The book is described as, "A comprehensive history of man's efforts to understand risk and probability, from ancient gamblers in Greece to modern chaos theory."-The Washington Post Book World, September 20, 1998