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Benefits of a RISE Membership


Connect with the brightest talent from various organizations for knowledge transferring, networking and continuous support. Come collaborate with peers as well as with the top executives of our industry who have experience and knowledge to share.


Arm yourself with the best personal and professional development brought to you monthly via webinar. Gain access to engaging and diverse speakers, dynamic programs, free continuing education credits and courses.


Get engaged by enjoying opportunities to attend industry conferences and events at significant discounts or apply for a scholarship to attend for free. Join in on a virtual happy hour and meet other members from all over the world!


Become noticed as a stand out young professional in the insurance industry. Receive the accolades you deserve and participate in our annual awards ceremony.


Shine as a leader in our industry, as we provide a platform for members to publish thought leadership pieces, open opportunities for members to speak at events, and take on leadership roles within RISE committees.

Career Advancement

Take advantage of our resources that help you explore the different opportunities working in the insurance industry has to offer. Build your resume with your achievements within RISE and search our job board.

Our Story

At almost every conference or event in the last couple years, Chief executives from various carriers have been talking about the talent gap and the need to attract and retain good talent in the insurance industry. For a while we’ve known that Baby-Boomers are retiring at an increasing number and Generation X is not large enough to fill all the positions, and the next generation of Millennials and Gen Z need to be raised up to fill the gap being left behind. Companies need a knowledge transfer strategy.

Hence, R.I.S.E. was born.

Involvement in industry events and seeing first hand the career path that insurance offers creates engagement. That’s why we’re gathering the brightest rising stars and collaborating with existing organizations to funnel new talent and retain top talent in the industry, educate, connect with, and recognize them.

Many individuals starting their professional careers don’t know much about the insurance industry. Most young or new insurance employees, even at management level, do not get the opportunity to attend conferences and interact with professionals outside their company who have already proven themselves. Very few organizations have young professional groups, and the few that exist don’t have an industry-wide presence. If you were lucky enough to know in college you would be working in insurance, you may have those groups available, but what about the rest of us who are here “by accident”?

“That’s why we’re gathering the brightest rising stars and collaborating with existing organizations to funnel new talent into the industry, educate, connect with, and recognize them.”

Our vision

Our vision is to create a platform where young insurance professionals are recognized for their accomplishments in the industry, can learn about new industry technologies and practices and are encouraged to  engage with industry mentors and peers. Our purpose is to educate the younger generations on the benefits of joining the insurance industry and to help bridge the talent gap by creating a space for young professionals to network, learn and grow.

Hear What Our Members Have to Say

I love being a member of RISE because not only do I get to network and bounce ideas around with other insurance nerds (trust me there is a community for everyone), I actually get to partner with folks equally dedicated to ensuring the industry we love is a fair and equitable place for rising talent. We get to be both mentors and mentees with and to industry superstars while working in an environment where everyone’s ideas are celebrated. I found my tribe within RISE.

Faith VP, Strategic Analytics at Arch Insurance

“I’ve been a RISE member since 2020, and it has helped me take my career to the next level! It's an incredible national organization with free resources such as webinars, book clubs, podcasts, and various virtual networking opportunities. Getting involved with the committees is a fantastic way to build new connections with rising leaders from across the country and give back to the RISE community. One of my favorite resources is the Elite 50 Internships which is an annual list of the top 50 internship programs in our industry – What a wonderful resource for students who are trying to decide where to apply to! I was fortunate to have been nominated & selected as a RISE 2022 Award recipient and enjoyed attending the RISE Leadership Summit, which was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. The professional development, leadership training, and networking opportunities that RISE provides are unmatched!”

Tandeka External Engagement Director at Spencer Educational Foundation

Being a RISE member has allowed me to expand my network, engage with like-minded individuals committed to finding innovative ways to advance the future of the insurance industry, provided me with a platform for mentorship and continued professional development, and allowed me to “pay it forward” and leverage my personal experiences to support the development of the future generation of the insurance industry.

Lael Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at Desq

“Getting involved with RISE has helped me to build a diverse network of passionate, young professionals and introduced me to areas of the insurance industry that would have taken years to be exposed to organically.”

Megan AVP, Analytics at Gallagher Basset

Through my RISE membership, I have been able to access and connect to more networks within the insurance industry than I ever have through my tenure at larger brokerages/insurance companies. Through the RISE community, I have made long-lasting friendships and opportunities to participate in conferences and leadership opportunities that were very difficult to reach on my own. I am grateful to be apart of this crew!

Rachel Managing Director at Founder Shield

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