The 10 Building Blocks of Risk Leaders Success, Summary and Webinar Link

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Chris Mandel has vast experience and knowledge in the RISK Management world, and has put together a wonderful presentation that will guide you through the 10 Building Blocks of Risk Leaders Success. You can watch the full webinar on youtube here.

Here is a highlight of what he shared with us:

Chris discusses that you can get in the RISK Management business no matter what your educational background is, in the sense that you could hold an English degree and still get in to the industry.

You must have an educational strategy to help you break in so that you can become credible in the industry and you can also do that by being involved in your organization. Know what skill set is required for the job you are looking to fulfill.  Once you get in “get dirty in the trenches” and impact / influence as a leader. This is how you gain respect from your peers.

Team Developing – How to help others succeed? How to get the work done? When you help others, they are more apt to help you back and to roll up the sleeves alongside with you.

Communicate effectively, learn how to overcome the “NO” and have a “YES” attitude. Be credible. Think of how you can add value and always be prepared.  How do you contribute to what is going on the industry?

Bench Development – Recruit/Train/Retain – Hire Well. Drive and push your team. See vendors as partners.

Two sides of Risk – You will need to connect Risk with Strategy. Educate Management/develop relationships. Be RISK Owner focus – their own process and techniques, your role is to support them. And think about the continuous improvements and plan long term.

When dealing with Collaborators and Stakeholders you should keep the following in mind:

Become essential and be aware of critical relationships. Work with difficult people because it will mean to get the job done at times.

We are living in a highly competitive age and “In order to grow you need to innovate and to innovate you need to take risk.” These three things must be connected because they lead to successful outcomes for an organization: Be essential, innovate and take risk.

Have vision and strategy. Add value, long term view, plan. What will happen in five years.  And set a strategy to achieve those goals.

Go from traditional to progressive thinking and set straight your business priorities and personal priorities.

Give Back – How can you influence the next generations of leaders that are entering the industry? You can also give back to your community, county/state – build a network. This also helps change people’s view of the profession.

Support decision making – Risk has an upside/downside, use risk to make better decisions.

Things to AVOID along the way – failing to validate results, disregard for order/rank, excessive self-promotion, failing to align objectives and priorities.

Key words: Credibility, help others, have a plan, always keep on educating yourself, share your knowledge, think long term and give back to your community.

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