Communication, Culture and Consciousness


Communication, Culture and Consciousness: Redefining Claims Careers for Today’s Talent

By: Rob Howard, Chief Claims Officer, Farmers Insurance®

Claims is the greatest arena of differentiation among modern insurers. A claims experience is likely the primary touchpoint our customers have to consider when it comes time to decide whether or not to remain a customer. How well we serve them in their moment of need is often the make or break moment of the relationship.

In recent years, I’ve watched as technology adoption has transformed nearly every facet of the life of a claims representative. From process to culture to customer service, our every function has become more dynamic and talent-friendly.

Embracing Innovation

The insurance industry has always offered tremendous career opportunity — I should know, I started as a claims representative straight out of college and now serve as chief claims officer. But the fact that our culture at Farmers® has evolved and come to celebrate technology has allowed us to pair the traditional benefits of a career in claims with values that matter most to younger generations: innovation, flexibility and balance.

This new paradigm benefits employees and customers alike. Whether it’s working remotely or having the option to communicate via an alternative channel, we’ve implemented technologies that improve both sides of the claims experience.

It’s No Longer Business As Usual – It’s Business As You Like It

In this business, you’re unlikely to have two days in a row that are similar, and increasingly, there is more than one way to get the job done. We have an entire toolbox of technologies that streamline the way we work even as they expand the service and support we offer our customers.

Today’s customers can “Ask Alexa” for claims updates. They can send a text to file a claim. They can connect to the chat team for simple inquiries and get rapid answers and solutions. Our teams have drones to help them assess damages in the field. Employees can work from almost anywhere with an internet connection. The list goes on, but it all adds up to this: We’re doing good work with great people in smarter ways. That’s an outcome we want to repeat again and again, because it helps us attract, retain and develop the best talent to serve our policyholders.

 Communication Is Still Key

And speaking of talent, I think it’s important to note that technology hasn’t eliminated the core traits of a good claims representative. Rather, it’s made it easier for those with the right skill set to thrive.

Claims has always been the domain of self-starters and great communicators. That’s as true now as ever, though the tools used to get the job done are certainly different from those used when I got my start in this discipline. Yet dependability, willingness to learn, and interpersonal skills are still keys to success in claims and, for that matter, in the larger insurance industry.

Claims is where the connection we have with our customers comes to life. Our success or failure there comes down to the talent we have on our side. Fortunately, there’s never been a better or more exciting time to be a claims representative. No matter their ultimate career goals, this field is the perfect proving ground for upcoming talent to refine their skills and master their trade. Innovation is all around us, transforming the work we do for our customers and, critically, enhancing the work of all those who are creating the claims experience of tomorrow.

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