I Make the Promise, You Keep It


Everyday people come to me for help. I help them protect their life, their assets, their future and so much more. In exchange for my service I give them a promise. You see, as an agent I work with many insurance carriers and many different policies. It is my job to find the right fit for my client. I make sure that this promise will be there for them if they need it. We all hope that bad things will never happen, but we all know that accidents are inevitable.

Last year a family friend came to me to discuss a new car insurance policy. She was paying a large amount with a company that she was with for over 5 years. I saw that she had a squeaky clean record and knew she would be a perfect candidate for much better valued policies. Only 1 month after trusting in me she was in an accident. The firefighter, police, and hospital were all her hero that day. About a month after her accident she called me to tell me about the incident. She ended her story with a huge THANK YOU! She was saying thank you because of how amazing her experience was with filing the claim. She said she called to make a claim with the company and the claim representative walked her through the entire process and noted that she was covered. My client was so happy that I helped her make the right decision with a great carrier and policy.

On that day I realized how important we are; how important YOU are. On that day, insurance became her hero too. We share a client, and we both want what is best. To our clients I make a promise and you keep it. For that, I thank you!

Kevin Cronin

About the Author:

Kevin Cronin, VP at Cronin Insurance Agency in Boca Raton, Florida. Is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Cinema Studies. Kevin is licensed by the State of Florida as a 2-20General Lines Agent, which allows him to sell all lines of Property and Casualty Insurance. Cronin Insurance Agency has been serving Florida since1993, specializing in Auto, Home, Life and Business insurance. https://www.cronininsurance.com

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