Meet Your New Education Committee Chair: Gracemarie Mende


Gracemarie Mende

Senior Technical Claims Account Manager of Watford US, Arch Insurance Group

In a past life, I was a special education teacher. I spent years looking to help develop others and I’ve always had a passion for personal growth and development. Regardless of how long you’ve been in a position, its always important to continue education, keep your skills sharp, and learn something new. Even in the most entry level training can prove to be valuable, providing reminders or quick tips to perform to the best of your ability.

This year we are looking to launch regular webinars, some of which will provide opportunities for CE/CLE credits. The committee is dedicated to providing growth opportunities across all career levels and business units. Whether you are in underwriting, risk management, a budding attorney, or developing claims professional, education is the cornerstone to a successful career. We are looking to provide opportunities to learn more about your current role as well as other areas of the industry; a well rounded professional is a valued professional.

Joining the education committee gives you the voice to cultivate your own education needs and contribute to the needs of others. Personal development is not limited to taking a class, reading an article, or participating in a webinar. Helping direct, present, and create education content opens the door to leadership skills. Young professionals can learn projection management, expand presentation skills, and network with other industry professionals. Participating in the committee means exposure to opportunities you would not typically have in your day to day roles.

-Gracemarie Mende, 2022 Education Committee Chair

Gracemarie is a born and raised Jersey Girl and Arch Insurance Senior Claims Account Manager who spends her free time chasing her toddler around in his bat mobile, baking and trying new recipes, and traveling with her loving husband. With a background in Education prior to her tenure in insurance, Gracemarie brings a passion for teaching to her career and encourages her adjusters to keep learning to be their best.

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