New Job – New You in 2018!

New Job – New You in 2018! Give Yourself a Promotion and Raise by: Heidy De La Puente

One more year and you’re feeling that you have the potential for more but haven’t taken the plunge yet. What is holding you back? Is it that you feel that you need more skills? Don’t have the right connections? Lack the right kind of motivation? Family and work life might conflict with new responsibilities?  Whichever your reason is you must start with a plan.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? And what do you see yourself doing? Be realistic. Set your GOALS, write them down and give yourself an attainable timeline and plan of action for each.

Here are some tips to get you on the right track of SUCCESS:

Be assertive. When speaking to your superiors let them know what you really see yourself doing. Highlight your strengths and how you can contribute to other areas of the company.

Be a negotiator. When negotiating your raise or salary be reasonable. Know your job description first and what other companies are paying. Also, what is your happy medium in case that you do not get what you originally asked for. Be fair but do not undermine your worth.

Be competitive. Your personal goal should be to be the BEST! When you push for higher grounds you accomplish more. You don’t want to be average, no one notices average.

Be confident. Have confidence in what you think, say and do. But do not be rude or condescending!

Be a learner. Acquire new skills! If there is something specific that you want to get into, learn about what technology or skills are being used or required in that field. What is “hot” in that industry. What is going to give you that competitive edge? There are many free resources and online groups out there nowadays that you can use to self-teach.

Be a leader. Take initiative! Stand out! Yes, I will attitude.

Get a mentor. Talk to someone trustworthy that may already be in the industry and can give you some insight or help direct you onto the right path. Sometimes it can be your HR representative or a manager. Discuss your roadblocks and try to find solutions. Be open to constructive criticism.

Be Positive. Surround yourself with champions both inside and outside your job.

Be heard. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Let your voice be heard, pitch your ideas wisely.

Find balance. Pick a hobby or find something that you can do daily or at the end of the week that will help you unwind and find balance with your work week. Keep your sanity while trying to get ahead.

Compromise. If your challenges are because you have a family and getting promoted means more responsibility and less time with the family, then bring that up to your employer. There’s got to be a happy medium, they have what you need: stable job, you have what they need: talent, professionalism, commitment. See what other options are available to you perhaps two days of the week you can work longer hours and shorter hours on the other days or maybe on some days leave early but work from home.

Commitment. Never, ever give up. The more darts you throw the better you get at your aim and one is bound to hit the bullseye.

Things to get ready:

  • Resume / Cover Letter
  • Update your Linked In and clean up other social media accounts
  • Network every day and everywhere – you will never know who is listening if you don’t talk
  • Join professional organizations that are in your field of interest
  • Get yourself an A+ Outfit
  • Personality is KEY, but always keep it professional

If you do not take chances, you will never know what you’re capable of.






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