Everyday Heroes

This is our second week of Everyday Heroes and the story that we are sharing with you today from Ben Rosser with MMG Insurance is a true example of how one choice and decision can impact the life of others.

"Our insured was involved in an accident in which each side had contributed to the damage. Our insured did not have collision coverage and was being denied by the other carrier based on liability. I was able to work with the insured and the agency to obtain surveillance footage showing the accident. I called the other carrier and provided them with the footage and was able to get them to agree to covering 50% of the damages. This gave my insured at least half of a settlement opposed to nothing, as she had no coverage on her policy.

Sometimes in life you have choices. When you are at work for example, you have the choice to do your job within its parameters, but then you also have the choice to think outside the box and go above and beyond to help someone out."

Stories like this one show true character.  These are the stories that will change how others view the insurance industry. Thank you for your leadership, Ben!

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