Everyday Heroes E.02

Being in Claims is a noble career. When someone is dealing with an unforeseen and unfortunate situation, insurance companies are there to give them the financial support they may not have had on their own. Claims professionals are one of the first people they talk to when dealing with a difficult situation. In this series, we will highlight stories of claims professionals being an “Everyday Hero.”

In our first installment of “Everyday Heroes” we shine the spotlight on RISE Award Winner Julie Rock-Chatellier, Director of Quality Assurance and Claims Operations for Provencher & Company.

Tell us about a time that you helped an insured through a difficult time.
“I think the times that stand out the most in my career of helping insured's during difficult times were the months after Hurricane Katrina. It has set the tone for not only myself, but for our company, in how we approach customer service. Being a local person who was also dealing with the aftermath on a personal level helped calm the anxiety of many insureds during that time. Having to deal with damage to our home & my husband's business and then being able to calmly tell the anxious insured "I understand your frustrations", and truly meaning it, put many people at ease. I've found it to be a source of comfort for other insureds during other catastrophe events throughout the country; to know the people they are talking to truly have lived with their own devastating events too. At Provencher & Company we make it part of our training process for all staff to always go that extra mile in customer services; always striving to put the insured at ease during their claim process.”

Julie, we thank you for being a true hero and an inspiration to us all!

Tune in next Wednesday for more Everyday Heroes

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