How to Get Things Done: Webinar Highlight

Last Friday, Jane Bolin taught us How to Get Things Done.  While we had over 50 people tuned in, if you missed it, here are some of our top takeaways.

In a world when 98% of employees are impacted by stress and 97% of employees struggle with work-life balance, changing how we manage our time is the best way to help ourselves .

What are we dealing with now?

  • 90% responded with having 150+ emails in their inbox.
  • 75% responded to checking email always or often throughout the day, even when working on other things.
  • 25% responded that they rarely schedule times for working on the things they have to do that day.
  • 75% believe they simply have too much to do and not enough time to do it in.
  • 75% multi-task, try to work on several things at once.
  • 75% write new things to do on available scraps of paper or just try and remember.
  • 80% accept promises from other they are sure they won’t keep.



habit (habit) n.

  • A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition. An established disposition of the mind or character.

Jane’s Top 3 Productivity Hacks

  1.  Capture Everything
  • Pick one capture tool.
  • Take it with you everywhere.
  • Capture the thoughts that come to mind.
  • Capture everything you want to keep.

Studies show on average that any new, intuitive thought will fade away in 37 seconds. In 7 minutes, it’s gone forever.

2.  Schedule what you said you would do

  • Empty the capture tool every day.
  • Calendar everything. If there is an occasion to do it, it is more likely you will do it.
  • Create this as an absolute habit.

3.  Create in Future Based Language

  • How you feel + as if what you are saying you are going to do is accomplished = Intention statement.
  • What are you going to accomplish?
    • Draft Motion OR I am crushing this case and meeting my billables. Hawaii!
    • Bill Time OR Making money and doing what I do best!
    • Gym OR I am strong and healthy in my size 6!


Thank you Jane for this engaging webinar! You can reach Jane Bolin, Esq. at or @janefbolin on Twitter.


Tune in Friday, February 16th at noon EST for our next webinar on Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders Through Effective Mentoring

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