Highlight: 2018 RISE Award Winner James Emming

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James Emming, Senior Claims Auditor at The Cincinnati Insurance Companies

James chose a career in insurance because it gives him the opportunity to help people when they need it most, along with the chance to solve complex problems.

James expresses, “As a claims representative, you show up knowing that you can’t replace the memories or sentimental value, but insurance means we can put a roof back over their heads and help get them back on their feet. Insurance is a noble profession with a growing number of career opportunities. I tell everyone, if you like helping people, insurance might be the right career for you.”

“I tell everyone, if you like helping people, insurance might be the right career for you.”

James Emming, Cincinnati Insurance, RISE Award Recipient

RISE to the Occasion: James is a problem solver, regularly assisting others to help them more efficiently complete their work. When he doesn’t know something, he proactively seeks out instruction or training. He’s not happy with the status quo and is always interested in upping the game and finding better ways to complete audits. James is working to innovate audit processes with the use of artificial intelligence and text mining so that he and coworkers can apply their expertise and knowledge where it’s most needed.

“James has been instrumental in the rollout of our new File Review program for field claims representatives. He designed and helped implement an electronic workbook we use to compile information used in the annual review process for field claims associates. His contributions helped us improve the consistency of the file review process, enabling more accurate comparisons.” Kenneth Kerby, The Cincinnati Insurance Company

James was nominated by his supervisors and peers. The annual RISE Awards is a showcase of the Insurance Industry’s top rising talent. Each year we receive dozens of nominations and the RISE Advisory Board votes to narrow down to the top. Among the winners are young professionals from all areas of the industry, from claims to brokers to SIU and TPAs. The winners all have one thing in common: They are making a big impact in their company and to the industry as a whole. They are role models and examples of what someone can do with the amazing opportunity of a career in insurance.

The 2020 RISE Award Nominations are now open through April 30th

Nominate a deserving young professional today!

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