Spotlight: 2019 RISE Award Recipient Ashley Robitaille

Ashley Robitaille, AIS, AINS, Rating Operations Manager at Acadia Insurance (a Berkley Company)

Ashley is one of the most compassionate and passionate young insurance professionals in the industry. She consciously devotes herself to becoming a better manager every day, and to building a better company for all her co-workers.

She has volunteered innumerable hours participating on two separate internal innovation projects aimed at bettering Acadia Insurance as an industry player, employer and community member. Her dedication to her team is most impressive though. Ashley can often be seen standing in the cube of a team member, explaining a process or helping someone sort through a thorny problem, almost always with an easy laugh and a smile on her face. She embodies humility, openness, flexibility, empathy and loyalty to the insurance industry.

“Ashley has a unique ability to effectuate positive change in those that she works with. She consistently develops her staff, preparing them not only for success in their roles but also as future leaders themselves. She leads by example and continuously looks for ways to improve the status-quo.”

Andrew Portwine, Managing Director, Rating and Audit for Acadia Insurance

To Ashley, her greatest successes are team members who get promoted or recognized, and she is the last to ever take any credit for the impressive results turned in by the Rating Department. Ashley is an important and integral member of Acadia’s community who understands that customer service is just as important internally as it is externally.

One of her largest contributions to the industry is that she is taking fresh-out-of-college graduates and getting them excited about being in the insurance industry. She stands out among her peers because she takes the time to meet individually with each member of her team in order to help them choose a behavior on which to focus which would help support innovative thinking goals. She is now working on helping each team member find resources and materials which will assist them in learning about, refining and practicing their individual behavior choice.

Ashley was nominated by her supervisors and peers. The annual RISE Awards is a showcase of the Insurance Industry's top rising talent. Each year we receive dozens of nominations and the RISE Advisory Board votes to narrow down to the top. Among the winners are young professionals from all areas of the industry, from claims to brokers to SIU and TPAs. The winners all have one thing in common: They are making a big impact in their company and to the industry as a whole. They are role models and examples of what someone can do with the amazing opportunity of a career in insurance.

The 2020 RISE Award Nominations are now open through April 30th

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