Spotlight: 2017 RISE Award Recipient Bert Dizon

Bert Dizon, Senior Account Manager at Gallagher Bassett

Bert demonstrates a thirst to share knowledge while still learning from others in the company, field and legal/insurance community.

Bert is still in his 30s and interfaces with people who have been in this industry or in their jobs for longer than he’s been alive. That being said, he brings new ideas to them, assists in making them look wiser, brings claims insights to his peers and those reporting to him, and understands that while his role is that of a claims manager, he needs to keep the bigger picture in mind. Bert works with those in underwriting, programs, information system and accounting.

RISE to the Occasion: “Upon my arrival to Knight Insurance, Bert, who is 15 years younger than I am, was able to assist me in on boarding, including training me on five different computer systems, helping me navigate through the corporate structure, and ultimately being an ally while others were more concerned about their own roles. Over time this selflessness has served Bert well at Knight as a member of my claims leadership team and as an overall contributor to Knight’s future.” – Caryn Siebert

Bert was nominated by his supervisors and peers. The annual RISE Awards is a showcase of the Insurance Industry's top rising talent. Each year we receive dozens of nominations and the RISE Advisory Board votes to narrow down to the top. Among the winners are young professionals from all areas of the industry, from claims to brokers to SIU and TPAs. The winners all have one thing in common: They are making a big impact in their company and to the industry as a whole. They are role models and examples of what someone can do with the amazing opportunity of a career in insurance.

The 2020 RISE Award Nominations are now open through April 30th

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