Meet Your New Innovation Committee Chair: Megan Nelson

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Megan Nelson

Analytics Consultant, Gallagher Bassett 

I am passionate about innovation because it is something anyone can do and it can improve your life and the lives of others. Many have the perception that innovation is coming up with the “next big thing” but there are so many ways be innovative on a smaller scale, like simply finding better ways to do your current role. 

Whether innovation is central to what you do or you are looking for ways to be more innovative, the RISE Innovation Committee is a fun way to explore innovations in the insurance industry while building relationships with some incredible people.

My vision for the committee is to really engage our committee members through our initiatives this year. Our committee is a diverse and talented group of insurance professionals and we have only scratched the surface of what our committee can accomplish by bringing all of these skillsets together.  

-Megan Nelson, 2022 Innovation Committee Chair

Megan is an Analytics Consultant at Gallagher Bassett where her team generates innovative solutions to improve claim outcomes for claimants and clients. She is passionate about building up the skills of others and increasing awareness of opportunities within insurance. Megan lives in Chicago and is a world traveler, a math nerd, a singer, a golfer, a golden retriever lover and a board game enthusiast.

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