My Favorite Thing About R.I.S.E.

At our last Engagement Committee Meeting we asked, “What’s your favorite thing about or that you’ve done with RISE?” Here’s the top 10:

  1. Conference Scholarships – I loved being able to go to a conference and meet people and learn. It was one of my favorite experiences. My company wouldn’t have sent me otherwise. I can’t wait for in person events to be fully back.
  2. Mentorship Program – I met an amazing mentor and so much came out of that. My friend is also in the mentorship program and she loves it. She even made an important career decision and got out of a job she hated, but was convinced to stay in insurance. She probably would have left the industry otherwise. (Check out Mentorship Program)
  3. Virtual Halloween Party – The virtual costume party last year was my favorite thing. It was so much fun! (View upcoming events)
  4. Elite 50 – I love that we are highlighting internships. That’s so important for our industry! (More about Elite 50 Internships)
  5. RISE Awards – Of course, I’m so grateful for being recognized as a RISE Award winner. (2021 RISE Awards)
  6. Nationwide Networking – A lot of other groups are local or specialized. I love that with RISE you meet so many people I wouldn’t normally have the chance to interact with.
  7. It’s FREE – I really love how RISE is free. Every other group I’m a part of charges a membership fee and my company doesn’t always cover it. RISE is very inclusive this way and I get all my CE covered. (Join RISE free)
  8. Committees – I love the committees and being able to work on cool projects while meeting other members. I hear a lot of different perspectives from other companies and areas of insurance. (Sign up for committees)
  9. College Connections – I’m helping with college reach outs and I love that I’m able to represent RISE to the school where I graduated and tell students about Insurance.
  10. Sense of Community – Above all, my favorite thing is all the great people I’ve met through RISE and the sense of community everyone has. (Follow us on LinkedIn)

If you’re new to RISE, we hope this list helps you find something to get involved with. Come join us at our next meeting!

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